Antimony Trioxide

FOB Price : Negotiation
Minimum Order Quantity : 1mt
Supply Ability : 500mt
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C AT SIGHT
Packing & Delivery : PE BAGS
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Detailed Product Description:

Physical & Chemical Properties:

CAS Number: 1309-64-4

Appearance: White powder

Chemical formula:Sb2O3

Molecular weight:291.5

Melting point: 656°c

Boiling point:1425°c

Specific gravity: 5.2

Solubility: soluble in HCL and tartaric acid; insoluble in water and acetic acid.

Packed in 20/25kgs Kraft paper bags with the inner of PE bag, 1000kgs on wooden pallet with plastic-film protection

Used as flame retardant additives for polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, ABS, rubber, paint, coating, synthetic resin, and paper. Used as activator in polyester fiber to remove the hidden air in molten glass. Used as covering agent and whitening agent in enameled and ceramic products. Used as deactivators in the catalytic cracking and catalytic reforming processes of heavy oil and residual oil of petroleum.

Product: Antimony Trioxide
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