Indium Foil

FOB Price : Negotiation
Minimum Order Quantity : 10 piece
Supply Ability : 100kg per month
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C AT SIGHT
Packing & Delivery : Wooden box
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Detailed Product Description:

Indium foils are mainly used for vacuum sealing and nuclear industry.

Indium is very soft and easy to cut.So Indium foil can according to customer's requirements are made into various shapes.For example:Rectangular,Square,Ring,Triangle and so on.

1,Smaller dimensions Indium foil

Thickness :<0.01mm

1) length<100mm, :0.05-0.1
2) length<2000mm, :1-1.5mm

2,High purity

Indium foil material:4N5 indium ingot
Clean packaging materials

3,Security Packing
polyethylene bag sealed 2pieces/bag
Hard plastic film to prevent deformation.
Outer wooden box more safe.

4,Short lead time
Short lead times enable you to get your order in time to meet your production schedule.
Indium foil delivery time:within 3-5 days.

We can also supply of Indium wire, Indium foil, Indium ball, Indium powder, Indium Trioxide, Indium Nitrate, Indium Trichloride, Indium Hydroxide, etc.

Product: Indium Foil
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